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Møn Golf Resort – Golf and more…


An ambition for something greater

Throughout time, the hotel has been Møn’s gathering place for private parties, meetings and restaurant visits. – Read more about the hotel and the golf center’s history below.

Our story

Once upon a time there was a provost who found a spring at Stege Nor. The spring had a healing effect and people came from all over the country. The area where the source was located was named Kildeby – today Keldby. The spring has long since dried up, but the story has given name to Hotel Præstekilde.

The hotel has over time been Møn’s gathering point for private parties, meetings and restaurant visits. In addition, it has been filled with overnight stays and courses as well as conferences, and has formed the framework for many different events. With its unique location on Møn Golf course, there have also been many happy golfers passing by.

Møn Golf Center was acquired by new owners in February 2021, and the same owners took over the hotel on October 1 in the same year, and with this it finally became possible to gather everything with the synergies that are present. Møn Golf Resort originated and was founded in 2021, following a broad desire to integrate the award-winning golf course with the nearby hotel, under the same umbrella concept. The goal was to be able to offer the guests at both the hotel and the golf course the most elegant and uncompromising experience.

In addition to this, the hotel still offers accommodation, various types of stays, private parties, courses, meetings and conferences. And of course we also have a restaurant that can be visited by everyone, with a selection of delicious dishes prepared from seasonal ingredients, as far as possible provided by local producers.