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Our skilled coach for many years Richard Frances can teach you golf from scratch, but also improve the game of golf. Throughout the years, he has helped people with various defects, who have been close to giving up on golf and figured out how to compensate for those defects. He has extensive experience in training brand new beginners, experienced, juniors, as well as elite players.
There is always room for improvement in your golf game.


Training with Richard Frances

20 min. individual lessons or longer are offered as single or as a group. You can have your turn filmed and analyzed or have a 6-hole lesson with Richard on the course.
We offer golf schools over 3 days or you can design your own program for a small group.
“Golf for fun” is offered as a team building or just as a nice experience with friends or family.
He can guide and custom fit when buying new equipment, where we have a large selection in the pro shop.
He also offers repairs such as replacement of grips and div.

Training can be booked at tlf: 55 81 32 60

 We offer:
– 1 training lesson of 20 min. 180 DKK
– 5 training lessons of 20 min. 800 DKK
– 1 x 6 hole lesson 600 DKK